• Ethical Practices

    We work with artisans so they can earn a livable income and provide for their loved ones while showcasing their distinct personalities with personalized signatures on every item.

  • Pay it Forward

    You won't just be shopping with us, you are also helping contribute 10% of our earnings to charities, turning your shopping spree into a superhero-worthy act of kindness!

  • Planting for the Future

    Younger generations need our help! Without trees, they'll have no more breathable air or beautiful sceneries for them to bask in. You can help build a better future for the world.

Lulu Kirmani

Born and raised in London, England, Lulu is currently a junior at Bard College with a passion for studio arts. Faced with limited study options in her home country, she sought out the United States for its unique curriculum offerings. At Bard, Lulu relishes the freedom to pursue her desired areas of study. With aspirations of entering the fashion industry, she plans to enhance her business acumen by attending business school in Paris after her graduation from Bard in 2025.

Help Us Plant a Tree

Do you love Mother Earth? Well, so do we! That's why for every purchase you make we're committed to planting a tree to combat deforestation with the help of One Tree Planted.

Nikai Nix

Born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho. She is currently in college working towards her MD in surgical dermatology. She has been doing art her whole life and it is something she's very passionate about. Art can embody and reflect so many unique emotions and ideas to both the artist and the observer, and she hopes to spark something in someone with every piece. If she's not working or in school you can find her at the gym, snowboarding, or wandering through woods and deserts.

Thank You!

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